September 23, 2011

Celebrity BBall Event with Waka Flocka, Floyd Mayweather & More


This weekend Sept. 23-25th, Waka Flocka, Soulja Boy, Pusha T, Allen Iverson, Floyd Mayweather are all among the stars set to play ball and raise awareness on gun violence, at the Celebrity All Star Weekend in Atlantic City this Saturday.  There has been alot of gun violence in that particular area so the founder of the legendary Rucker Park Tournament Greg Marius and colleagues have decided to do something about it and host the First Annual Just Cause – Celebrity All Star Basketball Event.   There is a magnificent celebrity line up for this cause. 

Atlantic City councilperson Frank Gilliam stated: “This game is an excellent opportunity to merge both sports and entertainment as an outlet to reach the youth. This weekend is a chance to show them individuals that came from their same background doing something positive and concerned about their well being”.

They have a host of activities for the entire weekend. Sponsored by McDonald’s, Harrods and the Chelses Hotel, include an opening ceremony dinner and social hour, a basketball clinic, games and prize packs for children, a community park day that will exhibit local talents, and the main event – the celebrity basketball game, which will be followed up by an exclusive after party.

You know DivaWhispers will always keep you in the know when it comes to supporting a good cause.  That’s what we are all about.  We are asking that our young men and women grow up and realize that violence is not the answer.  Its a permanent solution to a temporary situation.  It can not be undone. So please think before you pull the trigger or pull out a knife to harm someone.  Learn to just walk away!

For more information visit ebcruckerpark.com. – XXL

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