November 3, 2011

Eve’s Ex-Boyfriend Did Not Marry Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter! Reports false…

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Written by: Toshira
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eve and stevie j

Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter Alex Martin did not marry Eve’s ex-boyfriend Stevie J in a ceremony in Las Vegas last month.

There you have it. If any of you were wondering and heard that rumor. It is completely false. You heard it here.

Reports emerged last week that Alex had wed for a third time in Sin City as the casino where the ceremony took place, made Whoopi an offer “she could not refuse.” Now, the bridegroom has issued a statement shooting down the rumours that they got hitched. He is apparently in a stable relationship with another woman, after he and Alex broke up in 2007.

They have apparently not seen each other since, so reports of them getting married are completely untrue. – taletela


Did you believe that the two had married?

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