October 25, 2012

HW: Jackie & Doug Christie Are Swingers..Swinging Both Ways!

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Written by: Toshira


I usually don’t like to write about stuff like this but this was just too good to not inform! Here goes!

Well what do you know, whispers are flying that Basketball Wives LA stars Jackie and Doug Christie are swingers and not only with the opposite sex but with the same sex.  HSK  says  that their sources revealed that Jackie is the type of wife to let her husband get it in with another woman but she participates too with the female.

Jackie never came off to me as the type because she seems to always have such a tight grip on Doug but maybe that’s just for television.  The source also says just recently Karrine ‘SUPERHEAD’ Steffans went backstage with the pair and ended up in their bedroom along with another video vixen by the name of Sundy Carter.

They say that Jackie has gone so far as to have introduced Doug to sex with men.  Now if any of this is true maybe that’s why they were so adamant about the support of the gay community and even tattooing the pride on herself.

Now remember this is unconfirmed information and merely just hearsay.  Take it with a grain of salt.  And if it is true…to each his own!

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