December 27, 2012

Mark Cuban Says Billionaires Don’t Make It Rain “That’s Dumb Sh*t That People With Real Money Don’t Do”

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Written by: Toshira
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Ok ladies that dance at the clubs for a living, you won’t be seeing Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban any time soon.  The laid back Billionaire claims he doesn’t spend his money that way.  Mr. Cuban gave a recent interview about his wealth and how he spends his money.  Peep the interview inside…..

On how stars are viewed in the NBA:

Reddit: Hey, Mr. Cuban. Why do basketball players only get recognition after they’ve been a part of a championship team? For instance, Dirk has been an amazing player for 10 years now, but only got the respect he truly deserved from fans after having a championship caliber supporting cast (Including coaches) around him. If it’s a team game, why do players only get appreciated after they accomplish something that’s mostly out of their control (Since, most of the time, they don’t decide who they get to play with)?

Cuban: Thats the stupid , macho element of all professional sports. Its a lot easier to just pin a lable on someone than to actually do the work to determine the impact of a player. ITs the same reason everyone over values scoring in the NBA. Scoring is usually the easiest part of the game.

On buying Christmas presents as a rich person:

Reddit: I hate to be so straight forward, but what does a billionaire buy his kids for Christmas?

Cuban: the same junk that everyone else buys.

On what Cubes would change about the NBA:

Reddit: If you could change one thing about the NBA, what would it be? Also, thank you for voting against the Sonic’s move to OKC.

Cuban: the officiating. Ive spent 13 years trying to make it better and I havent really accomplished anything.

Reddit: In regards to the officiating, which rules need to be watched (corrected) the most?

Cuban: I think we have to re evaluate the mechanics of officiating . We miss far too many 3 secs and travelling calls. I think we need to devise a way where officials can help each other more. Right now its very limited when and how officials can help change a call

On making it rain:

Reddit: Have you ever “made it rain”?

Cuban: no. thats dumb shit that people with real money dont do

LMAOOOO….Save your ends because obviously you won’t become a Billionaire by paying other peoples bills.  LOL

To read rest of interview click here. 

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monkeysuit says:

Mark Cuban is a smart dude, he knows what he’s talking about!

monkeysuit says:

Mark Cuban is a smart dude. I agree with just about everything he said here.

monkeysuit says:

Can’t argue with any of that. Mark Cuban knows his stuff.