January 16, 2013

HOT WHISPER: Love & Hip Hop NY FIRES Both Yandy Smith & Mandeecees From The Cast!!!!

Love Hip Hop NY- FIRES Both Yandy Smith - Mandeecees-DivaWhispers

Whispers are circulating that VH1’s Mona Scott has decided to drop cast members Yandy Smith and her child’s father Mandeecees Harris from Love & Hip Hop NY.  I have to say these reality shows execs are starting to kick it up a notch by canceling shows and folks that are no good for television.

According to HSK, 34-year-old Mandeeceess Harris’ upcoming trial over charges he sexually assaulted a minor, has led Mona Scott the producers of Love & Hip Hop to drop both Yandy and Mandeecees  from the cast.

Sources say their decision stems from fear of possible heat they may generate over their lack of background checks of their cast. That’s why we’re told producers of the VH1 reality show were previously busy editing out the ousted pair from their most recently broadcast episode.

Not only are people labeling Mandeecees as a  “child predator” but now also a possible informant, aka snitch and was allegedly heard saying he is going to do whatever it takes not to go to jail….

“His news comes as Mandeecees Harris is being reported as a man also working with NYPD as an informant, in hopes of landing favors from the court and a more lenient sentence for his crimes against children.”

What a snake of a man!  Own up to your crimes.  I think VH1 did the right thing.  What are your thoughts?


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