January 2, 2013

Too Much Drama With the Pastor’s Wives on ‘Sisterhood’ Reality Show…Full Episode Inside (VIDEO)


Domonique Scott , Christina Murray, Delana Rutherford, Tary Y. Lewis and Ivy Couch  are the Pastor’s Wives of Atlanta.  Who knew that right off the jump there could be so much drama with the wives of Preachers. Sisterhood…I’m sorry but this is just way too much foolishness for me.  How you gonna be a Christian and chastise someone just because they speak scriptures to you?  I get that it can be annoying but you shouldn’t spazz out on a lady because of it.  Just don’t include her in your activities…simple as that! Watch the full episode below….

This is not what I would like to see from Women of God….smh

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