February 4, 2013

LHHNY’s Yandy Smith Drops It Like It’s Hot For Mandeecees..WOWWW YANDY! (VIDEO)

Yandy Smith-lap dance-DivaWhispers

Love & Hip Hop NY’s Yandy Smith followed the footsteps of Beyonce and made her own sexy video for her man Mandeecees.  Wearing short shorts and a corset with a men’s white button down with thigh high boots that are the bizness, she grinds and gyrates on a chair while it keeping it classy at the same damn time.  Werk!!!! Check out the video of Yandy Smith giving her chair dance!


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HOT WHISPER: LHHNY’s Mendeecees Harris Sentenced To 15 Years!!!! (VIDEO)

*UPDATE*  Check out what Yandy Smith says about the Whisper: OMG! I hope this whisper is not the truth.  We all watched Mendeecees Harris go to jail on a a drug trafficking conspiracy on Love & Hip Hop New York and we al...
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LAHHNY’s Mendeecees Harris Faces Up To 20 Years If Convicted of Drug Charges!!

Mendeecees Harris who I’m sure you know from Love & Hip Hop NY is facing a minimum 20 years if convicted for federal NY drug charges.  If you recall, Mendeecees just beat a sexual assault charge brought up against h...
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Yandy-Smith-Mendeeces-Harris-Open Letter-DivaWhispers

Yandy Smith Addresses Her Man ‘Mendeecees Harris’ Rape Trial!

Love & Hip Hop NY star Yandy Smith has been very supportive of her man Mendeeces Harris during his trial and tribulations.  Although Mendeecess was acquitted of underage rape he is still under custody for a $2.5 million d...
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Mendeecees Harris-Found-Not-Guilty-DivaWhispers

Mendeecees Harris Not Guilty of Sexual Child Abuse!!

Everyone can finally relax now and take back all the mean and dirty things they said about Love & Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith’s man, Mendeecees Harris.  Jurors find Mendeecees Harris not guilty of sexual assault agai...
by Toshira

lhhnyc-Season 3-DivaWhispers

Love & Hip Hop Season 3 Episode 4…In Case You Missed It!! (VIDEO)

In case you missed last night’s episode (Jan. 29th) of Love & Hip New York here is the full episode below…..   Follow us @DivaWhispers  for daily updates and LIKE us on Facebook
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NeNe Leakes-Get- A-Strip-Tease-DivaWhispers

NeNe Leakes Hangs With “The Gays” & Gets A Strip Tease (PICS+VIDEO)

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