February 14, 2013

Yandy Smith Addresses Her Man ‘Mendeecees Harris’ Rape Trial!

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Love & Hip Hop NY star Yandy Smith has been very supportive of her man Mendeeces Harris during his trial and tribulations.  Although Mendeecess was acquitted of underage rape he is still under custody for a $2.5 million drug bust in which will face hard times if convicted.

Yandy penned a letter addressing her man’s rape allegations:

To My  Supporters,

The  past few weeks have been some of the hardest days, hours, and minutes of my  life. I found myself torn between a man that I know and love, and an accusation  that makes me sick to my stomach. I hoped and prayed that someone I loved so  dearly could not be guilty of such a disgusting and shameful act… I hoped, but I  did NOT assume.

I  chose to stay silent until I was able to hear both sides of the stories and form  my own opinion. I went to court every single day; I listened intently to the  case from both sides ready to face whatever truth was  revealed.

In the  end, the truth is Mendeecees Harris may be many things, but he is NOT guilty of  the heinous accusations made against him. I won’t get into much detail because  at the other side of this is a young woman that regardless of the outcome,  remains broken. I pray that she is able to move past this and realize her full  potential and I pray that the world is able to accept that in this case justice  was served.

As a  woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and a human being, it breaks my heart  when I hear of the violations against children. There is nothing worse than  offenses against those whose lives are so precious and who look to us to guide  them and help them understand the world. Children that are abused are robbed of  their innocence, their childhoods, and their self-esteem. They’re robbed of  their optimism and dreams and forced to see the evils of the world before they  can see the beauty.

My  life has been and will continue to be devoted to empowering women and helping  young women to aspire to accomplish and go after their dreams and because of  this, I would never knowingly or willingly support or condone any behavior  contrary to the very things I stand for. I am so thankful to the people who  supported us and stood by our side through what was an extremely overwhelming  and challenging time.

There  is no time more fitting than now to introduce something that is dear to my  heart. I want to build up the spirits of some of those broken young girls. I  want to inspire the ones that are strong and I want to further encourage those  that seek to be educated and stimulated. The EGL team and I have been diligently  working on our Mentoring program The EGL P.U.D Initiative (Partners Uplifting  Our Daughters), which is set to launch this spring.

The  mission of EGL P.U.D. Initiativeis to help young girls to utilize written  expression as a tool for overcoming emotional obstacles and embracing their  worth in order to reach their full potential.

By  using written expression as a tool, young women can become more advanced in  their writing abilities; this in turn promotes confidence, which is developed  through achievements. Our goal is to reduce emotional despair and improve  self-esteem in young girls ages 12-17, by providing instruction, guidance,  encouragement, reinforcement and support. This will afford them the confidence  necessary to reach their full potentials, as they move on to  college.

To  those of you who have supported me, prayed for me, and did not pass judgement, I  want to say THANK YOU. Your prayers and support have helped me through a very  difficult time. I have worked very hard to build a reputation based on hard  work, loyalty, and perseverance. The faith, values and ethics that got me to  this point in my life are stronger now than ever before. My personal life has  been a roller-coaster this year, filled with highs and lows, and I’ll be lying  if I say I have it all figured out. I don’t. I’m giving it up to god and I’m  leaving it up to him to guide me in the right direction as he’s done many times  before. In the meantime I’m going to focus on what I do best, business. After  all, they don’t call me a “Hustlapreneur” for nothing.

With  Love

Yandy  Smith


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